Guess that book Pt.3

“In his capacity to feel at one with others and with the world, he must feel their pain. Other people may be able to avoid pain, but the man in touch with the lover must endure it. He feels the painfulness of being alive-both for himself and for others…”

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Guess that book! Part 2

“We need a great rebirth of the heroic in our world. Every sector of human society, wherever that may be on the planet, seems to be slipping into an unconscious chaos. Only the heroic consciousness, exerting all its might, will be able to stop this slide toward oblivion. Only a massive rebirth of courage in both men and women will rescue the world. Against enormous odds, the Hero picks up his sword and charges into the heart of darkness, into the mouth of the dragon into the castle under the power of an evil spell.

What is the end of the Hero? Almost universally, in legend and myth, he ‘dies,’ is transformed into a god, and translated into heaven…..

The ‘death’ of the hero is the ‘death’ of boyhood, of Boy psychology. And it is the birth of manhood and Man psychology. The ‘death’ of the hero in the life of a boy (or man) really means that he has finally encountered his limitations. He has met the enemy, and the enemy is himself. He has met his own dark side, his very unheroic side. He has fought the dragon and been burned by it; he has fought the revolution and drunk the dregs of his own inhumanity. He has overcome the mother and then realized his incapacity to love the Princess. The ‘death’ of the Hero signals a boy’s or man’s encounter with true humility It is the end of his heroic consciousness.

Ever serve for your Country? Ever kill a man?

True humility, we believe, consists of two things. The first is knowing our limitations. And the second is getting the help we need………………. “

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Anthem of the bitter man.

“We just know are anxious, on the verge of feeling impotent,helpless, frustrated, put down, unloved and unappreciated, often ashamed of being masculine. We just know that our creativity was attacked, that our initiative was met with hostility, that we were ignored, belittled and left holding the empty bag of our lost self-esteem. We cave in to a dog-eat-dog world, trying to keep our work and our relationships afloat, losing energy, or missing the mark. Many of us seek the generative, affirming and empowering father (though most of us don’t know it), the father who, for most of us, never existed in our actual lives and wont appear, no matter how hard we try to make him appear.”

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Follow up!

I made a booboo in my quote. Watch and forgive. 🙂

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I had an assisted epiphany the other day. I was watching an you tube video on attraction and little buddy said something that started to shake me out of my torpor.

“Men are trees.”

As an arborist, I identify. (It’s a natural fit, duh! <—- You may think.) But this guy was far from an athletic tree climber. Stuck in a wheelchair, stunted and frail. He stated this.  It blew me away and truth be told, it made him more attractive in his own way, made you see past the flesh.

Ever since the big split, I decided to get smart about being attractive. One thing it has led me to is self improvement. Confidence is key. Confidence is a part of manliness. Not canned lines, exterior facades or extra greasiness, laid on thick. It’s about being a MAN!  I’ve found despite all my despair, I am not a man. Just a boy with manly aspirations.

It’s stated that in the north american way, there is no initiation into manhood. For a quick example, just think about the 50% divorce rate and the courts favouring of the mothers.  How many posers of men are out there, then?! Who do we take our inspiration and lessons of life from?

Trees, by a very general definition, are mostly from a single stem, that projects into the sky towards the sun. By taking nutrients from the soil, via water and roots, they grow. Roots give anchorage to the earth. There are three types of root found on a tree. The tap root, it grows straight down to either a water table or an impassable layer. Striker roots, these are primary anchors, they are further out from the bole of the tree to give stability. Then there are the  collectors, the feeders. The root plate that exists can be up to 1.5 to 3 times the height of the tree. All of which is about 6 to 12 inches under the ground and has a symbiosis with a special type of fungi that promotes growth through the soil, outwards seeking more. All of the roots lead to the trunk.  The trunk should have a flare at the base, be it small or pronounced, it speaks of strength. Also, at the intersection of ground to sky is a special transition from root to bark that best be left undisturbed.  Through phototropism the tree reaches towards the sky. There’s always a leader, an apical meristem, that governs this. On the way there are scaffold branches, co-dominant stems and pruning arborists (If you’re smart about your tree, that is.). The leaves, producers of photosynthesis and oxygen.  We also can’t forget about the bark, cambium, wound wood, heart wood, structural wood. Trees in my area have to stand and live in four distinct seasons. They have to endure cold, wind, lightning, heat, drought, insects and disease.

See any parallels? Hmmm?

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Put your ear next to mine and tell me what you hear?

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Good news, bad news.

Closure. Open Wounds. 

 Things have changed since my last post. 

A relationship that I was in, was dissolved. 😦

I passed my last bit of four years of apprenticeship. 🙂

I told my sister what it’s like handing out over 70% of your income over to family. :(She didn’t get it):

So, what’s happening from here on in?  I don’t know. The world is, possibly, starting to open up like a blossom in the cool spring wind. 


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