Anthem of the bitter man.

“We just know are anxious, on the verge of feeling impotent,helpless, frustrated, put down, unloved and unappreciated, often ashamed of being masculine. We just know that our creativity was attacked, that our initiative was met with hostility, that we were ignored, belittled and left holding the empty bag of our lost self-esteem. We cave in to a dog-eat-dog world, trying to keep our work and our relationships afloat, losing energy, or missing the mark. Many of us seek the generative, affirming and empowering father (though most of us don’t know it), the father who, for most of us, never existed in our actual lives and wont appear, no matter how hard we try to make him appear.”


About theadroitarborist

You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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