Hate, Love & Money

I still owe 11,200 dollars. To my dad. All because I wanted to start a business and that he saw merit in. I just wanted to start from humble beginnings, but he wanted to start me out shiny and new. I was the dumbass who said yes to this.

Do not start a business if:

1: You want to make money, immediately. (Like all things, it takes time)

2: You love your job and don’t feel that you’re paid enough. ( ’nuff said)

3: the family get’s involved. (It just gets messy. No matter on how well you play it. Trust me on this one. )

4: Time to yourself matters. (Working weekdays + weekends leaves no time for youtime or youtube)

This money I owe, it means that I’m stuck in the job I currently hate. For at least another six months. Which, all in all, adds up to another year. Another year of my life. Gone.  Just like that. I just was thinking that I was free and clear. I really thought my own father was going to give me a little bit, just a tiny little bit of a break *pinches fingers together*…. Just a hope from a son who never asked for anything extravagant in his youth.

In the next year I will spend over half  of my earnings paying people I love. It tarnishes the relationship I have with them. Especially when there are no exceptions made for blood. Don’t get me wrong I’m not hoping for a free ride. Never have, never will. But a hope that family members can see past the money thing and hope that quality of life could be better between those who support each-other. 


About theadroitarborist

You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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