Doe a Deer

It’s been a interesting week or two. I smashed a deer in my car on the way into work one morning. Not fun at all. You know when people say it feels like the moment feels like eternity when it happens?

They’re all liars!

My car was going to hit 130,000 kilometres that morning. I was excited. I even did some math. I bought this car new from the dealers lot in 2007. It averaged out that I’d driven on average 71 km’s a day. I’ve had a few minor problems with my VW but nothing serious. I figured the little diesel engine has finally broken in.

Thursday morning inevitably arrived. I did my morning routine. Started my car, reset my trip odometer so I could see hundreds of metres. Then I could be sure of when I could see the odo would turn over another 10,000 but yet keep my eyes on the road with only quick glimpses.

My question to you is, how many times are you distracted when you drive? Especially on your daily commute?!? Changing a CD or station. An interesting sight flying by. Setting your cruise control. Taking a sip of coffee. Tired…..

I knew the 130 thousand would turn on the next 0.4 hundredths of a kilometre. The point four turned to a point five. I did a silent internal cheer and I looked up. There was a ungulate at full speed already in my lane. I let out a guttural and growly yell. Hit the brakes and started veering right. WHAM! I killed the brainless beast on contact. I was lucky it didn’t end up through the windshield and in my lap. The car still worked after mash up. So I went to work, did my day and started the frustrating insurance process.


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You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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