Not another resolution.

11 days off for the holidays.  Considering that it was the holidays, I thought I would do more with my time.  But I really didn’t do much.  Organized and cleaned up some of the house.  Celebrations and Gatherings. Girlfriend stuff and just trying to relax. As my last week off was in late august, for the canoe trip I wrote a little about.

Work starts tomorrow. I don’t know how to feel about it. Happy for something to break some of the boredom I feel. Sad that it’s work doing the breaking.  I  wish I could have planned a trip of some sort.  Something to remember.

But then again, I did start the forum, between us three friends, for a wilderness trip in Nova Scotia as a bachelors party for a good friend, the week prior to his wedding.  I’ll also remember the morning where I got a call from my sobbing sister at 630 in the AM saying that Dad was missing in the rockies for the night. After much waiting we found out everybody involved was okay and safe. I then proceeded to down 15 MGD’s.

All in all. I’m tired. Of the repetition of everyday life. Things have to start changing. I have to start changing. New years resolution? No. It’s to easily broken. Just an expectation and attitude that things will change for the better. Wether I make that influence or choose to make the best out of a shitty situation or what angle I view the world from.


About theadroitarborist

You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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