It’s been awhile. Crazy busy. Falling over tired, today.

Just some random thoughts and happenings, for you, as I lie here in bed. With my eyes heavy.

I’ve moved out of the apartment into a “condo”… I’d like to think of it as more of a townhouse. My sister owns it and so far has managed to charge me the most rent out of any place I’ve ever lived. I’m not overly happy about that, but having this space to myself is a good thing and anything else is going to seem like a bonus.  It took me 2 or 3 weeks to finally clean up all of my boxes of randomness on the living room floor.

I bought a canoe. It’s heavy for the 14 foot size. But in the north country here, you don’t portage. Still haven’t even found the time to try it out. I wait patiently, to bad I’m so hella tired.

One thing that I thought would never happen is that I’d have a girlfriend for over three months. It’s crazy and weird and spectacular all at the same time.  I wish I could see what happens in the future with us. Because she leaves for school in the fall. I cannot say whether or not she’ll want to remain with me. I hope so.

Goodnight interneters.


About theadroitarborist

You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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