Oh Captain my Captain Idiotstick

Here is one retard who gets it wrong every time at work. But yet he’s my superior HR guy somehow. This is a fellow I don’t mind thinking bad thoughts about. Slicked back hair, an office and no verbal agreements that stick (unless there is a signature behind it).  Here are some emails about a raise I just EARNED but yet he can’t email the right address. My work address.  Not my personal. This is my reply from home on the day that I thought I had off.

It was with the subject “This isn’t my work email”

“Could we please use the proper channels of communication. My work email is *****@******.com
Also, I was re-hired as a T4. That was stated on the contract that was signed. So, I naturally went on and did my T3 progressions for my raise.”
His reply, That came back to my PERSONAL email once again.
Because all of our previous emails were during your hiring, Microsoft Outlook automatically defaulted to your home email. 

I am quite aware of the proper channels of communication and this caused you undue hardship it is regrettable.
Thank you for the clarification on the Tech progression. Love Truly, the Idiotstick from HR”
I could have all sorts of replies to this… but I’ll bite my tongue and tape my fingers together.  As I’m sure I’ll get pulled into a meeting/interrogation again for his hurt little HR feelings.
p.s. His name isn’t Idiotstick…. but I sure wish it were.
p.s.s. Remind me never to get hired with a company that has an HR department, again.


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