My Wrench against your Spears

I really am an odd duck. But what is normal?

Normal…. at the pulp mill is the telling of tall tales, shooting most animal species that aren’t endangered, and as long as it has an engine driving your driven sprocket, you’re all good.

Normal for me is playing my guitar/singing, climbing trees and playing ultimate frisbee. Simple, no?

Yeah, sure, I don’t fit in. I get it. I have their respect somehow though. I’m pretty sure it’s because I don’t open my mouth to preach the all that is me. It makes me uncategorized in their books. That’s one thing I’ve really noticed about the pulp mill. Change from the norm is confusing as all hell to them. A wrench in the gears, perhaps would be a good analogy.

I start yet another work week again tomorrow. I guess some history would help clear this up. I always take the hard way. I always know there is this huge world out there that’s waiting to be discovered. SFW if I get laid off again. I almost didn’t get hired back into the same position I was previously occupying in the first place. Why? I didn’t kiss corporate ass. Bow down to these totally unrealistic expectations that the majority of your adult life should be spent there. Because It’s Soooo  Great, We’re the only company in the Universe!  The Sun actually revolves around us! Please move to Toronto then. Or the States, for all I care. I’m just in some hick town, that I call home, north of nowhere.

Ahhhh… Ranting to nobody in particular is fun! Have a good night interweb.


About theadroitarborist

You walker, there are no roads, only wind trails on the sea. -Robert Bly
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